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Studio 5 - Artists on the Bluff

571 Park Avenue, Bluff Park, AL 35226

571 Park Avenue
Hoover, AL, 35226
United States

Jayne Morgan paints honeybears and happiness.

Tuesday BYOB 6:30-8:00 Adult


Jayne Morgan Art Classes

Tuesday BYOB 6:30-8:00 Adult


Tuesday BYOB 6:30-8:00 Adult

30.00 35.00

This is a fun class where Jayne will teach how to create a painting from start to finish.  She uses the same technique in which she creates paintings everyday.  There is a specific theme each week.


*Schedule may change, if you cant bring a photo or forget dont worry - we will still be able to paint something, I will always have examples!

September 11 - Pets *you may bring a photo of your pet or favorite animal

September 25 - Flowers *you may bring a photo of flowers or a bouquet of flowers

October 9 - Honeybears

October 23 - Bottles *bring your favorite bottle of hot sauce, peanut butter, wine, etc

November 13 - Free Paint *you pick what you want to paint

November 27 - Pets

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