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Jayne Morgan paints honeybears and happiness.



jayne morgan

This is Faye, the 1964 Airstream Globetrotter.  This photo is from Angel Fire, New Mexico last year - ya know when I meant to start writing about living and working out of the airstream...


I got my cute shiny little old lady in October 2016.  I found her on facebook, I had to have her.  For a few years I think I looked online for trailers every night.  I wanted to travel further to art shows and stay longer so I could actually paint in these places where I was having art shows.  Of course I was drawn to the airstreams (who isnt?? they are so shiny!!) and when the opportunity came I jumped on it.  It just seemed perfect, the airstream was just the right size for me and she was ready to go.  Faye's former owners took great care of her and I haven't had to do anything to her except take out some shelves that I hit my head on everytime I walked by them (Iā€™m six feet tall btw).  The airstream is only 19 feet long so it is easy to tow and pretty easy to park.  I also have a little covered trailer that I have use for my art named Victor.  Having all that practice pulling Victor around I was really comfortable moving up to the Airstream. (and yes everything I have has a name, my dolly that I move my art with is named Salvador Dali...)


The extent of my camping before I bought the airstream was my dad taking me and my brother and sister to my Memi's house (about a half mile from our house) to "camp out" in her motor home that was parked in the driveway.  We would watch movies and she would bring us breakfast in the morning.  We would never leave the driveway.  That was our camping.