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Studio 5 - Artists on the Bluff

571 Park Avenue, Bluff Park, AL 35226

571 Park Avenue
Hoover, AL, 35226
United States

Jayne Morgan paints honeybears and happiness.

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About Jayne

Sweet as Honey, Baby

Sweet as Honey


Jayne Morgan is an artist in Bluff Park, Alabama.  She is known for her honey bear paintings inspired by a sweet childhood memories of growing up around the dinner table with her family - the honey bear always had to be on the table before the blessing was said.  Whatever bread that was served with dinner was covered in honey and became dessert. 



dk Gallery in Marietta, GA



Exceptional Foundation

Jayne's heart belongs to the exceptional foundation.  She has been the art director for over two years and her friends from the foundation now come to her studio to paint weekly.

Camp Smile a Mile

Jayne is very involved with Camp Smile a Mile.  She has been to camp several years to paint with the campers and has collaborated with them on several paintings to raise money for camp.